Feb. 1

Lunch, Dinner*2 <Russian soup with cornbread>

ingredients: (approximately total--8 for 4 meals)

cornbread: 0.2

3 potatos--1.4

5 tomatos--1.4

1/2 carrot--0.2

broccoli-- 0.4

1 onion--0.4

1/2 plate of stew beef--3.8

tomato sause


Feb. 2

Dinner <Russian noodle with cornbread>

Dinner <fried rice noodle>

ingredients: (approximately total--8 for 4 meals)

a bag of rice noodle--1.49

1/2 plate of pork slice--2.3

1/3 bag of mushroom--1.66

1/2 carrot--0.2

1/4 bag of dry shrimps--1

1/5 cabbage--0.3

1/6 green onions, few celery--0.2

Feb. 3

Lunch <fried rice noodle>

Dinner*2 <fried rice noodle>

Feb. 4

Dinner*2 <stew pork with bean sheet and egg, cabbage, rice>

ingredients: (approximately total-- 9.7 for 7 meals)


bean sheet--2.55

4 eggs--0.72


2 cups of rice--1.686

Feb. 5

Lunch, dinner*2 <stew pork with bean sheet and egg, cabbage, rice>



a cup of brown rice (0.35lb): 0.843

a egg: 0.18

a broccoli: 0.8

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